Francisco Viveros-Jiménez



EvolutionJ is a Java API for global numerical optimization. Is main features are:

  • It has included 15 unconstrained functions for testing.
  • It has included some state-of-the-art evolutionary algorithms for you to use.
  • Plots 3-D contour charts for seeing the progress of your evolutionary algorithm.
  • Easy configuration of many parameters.
  • Easy configuration on a single XML file.
  • Output is generated in a simple XLS file by using JExcelApi.

The API is licensed under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later). Source is included.


Current Version 1.0 will be released soon.

Using evolutionj command

Simply type java -jar evolutionj.jar in your command line. You must adjust config.xml file first. Instructions are inside the config.xml file.